New Christmas Songs

I uploaded all my Christmas music to my iPhone last week.  It made me realize I need a new 64gb phone.  It’s a pain to try to delete things to get the new songs on the phone.  I’ve listen to each of my Christmas playlist from past years once each.  There’s really not a lot of new albums coming out this year.  There’s one from Susan Boyle and another from Mary J Blige.  Neither have I listened to yet.  The tops this week is one from the cast of Duck Dynasty.  This bothers me.  But the best new Christmas album this year is definitely Kelly Clarkson’s Wrapped in Red. She follows the winning formula, several original songs mixed with classics from all eras.  The title track is one of my favorites but I do so love her version of the date rape song Baby It’s Cold Outside.  It’s a great album and I read in EW that she says it is her favorite album she has done ever.


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