Complete Set of Hallmark Dancing Snowmen 2003-2013

Hallmark_Snowmen_by_yearThis year Hallmark is promoting their 10th in the series Dancing Snowman.  But knowing the first was in 2003, things weren’t adding up.  When thing don’t add up, I get obsessive.  So I found this image and went through my archive and eBay to put a date to each one.  It turns out they didn’t have a snowman in 2009.  Instead they had a moving, musical Snoopy playing the piano.  I went back to the Facebook photo album that was the precursor to this blog and found this quote.

This year they have Snoopy playing the piano which I’m not that interested in. Snoopy doesn’t play the piano, Schroeder does.

This year is the snowman with the dog and lamppost.  I’ll have a video of it tomorrow. I like it more than last year’s skier.  They have also reissued the original carolers from 2003. I didn’t see it in the store but you can get it online.  Rose found me my last one from 2006 in an antique mall so now my collection is complete.  My coffee table is now over capacity and the 2013 and 2003 snowmen are on a shelf next to the tree.

UPDATE: Thanks to all the commenters. I’m clearly missing the Canadian-only baking snowmen from 2008 but also there’s this new mystery snowman one of my friends has. It’s a mystery.

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38 Responses to Complete Set of Hallmark Dancing Snowmen 2003-2013

  1. Robin Bennett says:

    Thank you!!! I thought was going crazy!! I put all of mine in order and there wasn’t one for 2009. That was not smart on their part to do a noopy one when ALL the rest are snowmen. Thanks for helping me NOT go crazy!

  2. Jo Misan says:

    I agree with Robin–I also thought I was crazy and that I couldn’t count. Thanks for finding the missing piece.

  3. Stephen Callander says:

    There was actually a dancing snowmen issued for 2009, but it never made it into the hallmark stores. I actually found it in a Walmart , the year of the snoopy fiasco.
    It was called hallmark musical snow-chefs. It was a mother snow person and her son making cookies around a stove. As far as I can see, on the Internet, I seem to be the only one that has this particular part of the collection.
    I would post s picture of it on here if I could.

    • Does anyone have the musical snow chefs for sale? I have an autistic child that is fascinated with these and we are missing that one….it is driving us mad!!!!

    • MaryAnn N. says:

      I have this one…a mother with chef hat , stove and snowman child singing Jingle Bells
      bought it at Walmart when I could not find it at Hallmark.

    • Patricia Russell says:

      I also have it and you are right it was only at Walmart, I have them all starting in 2003 – 2016 and 2009 they did snoopy, unless you were lucky enough to find the snowchefs.

  4. Stephen Callander says:

    Sorry…I lied there are a bunch of YouTube videos about the previously mentioned dancing snowman set.

  5. Gail Kmieczak says:

    Thank you so much for this, last year I tried to figure this out and then dropped it. I am still missing three, well my daughter has one in Utah, but now retired so I guess it will be a while before I can purchase the missing ones. But I tried and tried to find pictures of each year and had a hard time until I found your site!

  6. Melanie says:

    You are still missing one. In 2008 they put out 2. There is also this one from 2008:

  7. Viv says:

    We have one that is called Musical Snow Chefs and it is by Hallmark. It seems to have (also?) been released in 2008.

  8. Teresa Gooliaeff says:

    yes thank you so much!!! I too tried last year to figure this out and dropped it. This year I found three of the missing snowmen from my collection, but not the olufe 2009!!! I have been going crazy trying to find it. Thanks to your site I can now stop looking and driving my family crazy.

  9. robl1263 says:

    I have managed a Hallmark store for 20 years, there was no issue in 2009 of the series. The series is called Jingle Pals that is the official name of the snowmen above. The Musical Snow Chefs was Hallmark’s way of trying to keep people happy about the snoopy release

    • Kir says:

      The snow chefs were released in 2008, apparently in Canada only. It seems like they were released in Walmart locations so perhaps there was a special partnership done that year? Snoopy was 2009 so not sure how that would be related?

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  11. Robin Bennett says:

    So is myset complete withOUT the snoopy one?? Or do I need to find he Snoopy or Chefs ones to be complete? This has been too stressful. All along I thought I was complete.

    • Marc says:

      Although the 2008 (Canadian Exclusive) Snow Chefs complements the Snowman Techno-plush collection, Snoopy is not generally considered part of this collection. In 2009 Hallmark decided to take a different direction with their holiday techno-plush. After seeing the huge drop in sales in 2009 they returned to the popular Snowman Techno-plush in 2010. For more information regarding this collection )including related ornaments ect. or for information about Hallmark Keepsake ornaments visit my site:

  12. Dawn says:

    Does anyone have any suggestions on getting HALLMARK JINGLE PALS SNOWMAN SNOW DOG ANIMATED SINGING DANCING Pals to work….it worked last year….brand new battery’s ….I’m ready to put a stitch ripper to it……looked on you tube found nothing….please help!

  13. Brian says:

    By any chance does any one know of a repair person on this awesome but fragile beauties? I try and take the utmost care for my small collection of 4 but my 2004 Snowman and Dog (2nd year!) does not function any longer. I really like this one the best since it was my first but no matter now I bang it or change the batteries, it will not work, HELP !!

  14. Susan says:

    I have the whole collection including Snoopy and the Chefs. I bought the Chef one at Walmart not realizing it was a Hallmark. I bought it because my son is a chef and they looked like the Hallmark ones. So happy i bought it. My piano man and 2008 do not work. I sure wish they could be fixed!

  15. Barbara Acopiado says:

    Does anyone have the 2003 Piano Playing Snowman for sale – in good working condition.

  16. says:

    Does anyone have the chef snowman for sale.

  17. Barbara H says:

    So I want to know how to repair a corroded battery compartment. Help!

  18. says:

    I’m looking for the chef snowman for sale too!

  19. Pauline Colon says:

    Ive been looking for 2011 and 2012 collectible snowmen the ones that dance and play music and have year on it I would appreciate help finding thanks

  20. Pat says:

    Thanks for sharing I have the complete set also.

  21. Niko Okamoto says:

    Today was the first time I’ve ever seen these Hallmark table toppers. Wow!! So jelly. Puts my Billy Bass to shame!

  22. Saundra says:

    My first snowman is from 2008, I was a late starter. How can I go about buying the others? Help!!

    • Joseph Kole says:

      We have the ones that you are looking for from 2003, 2004, 2005 2006 and 2007 and would be interested in selling them for the right price. Please let me know if you are intersted.

      • Peter John Leichtnam says:

        Hi – this is Peter ….I am very interested in buying your collection ….. What is the price ?

  23. Coleen says:

    I have 2003, 2006, and 2007
    Snowmen!!! Love em’!!

  24. Jesse says:

    My wife has ALL the snowmen from this series. I would love to get her the matching books. Does anyone know where I could get them? She has only four books…

  25. Carol Glasmann says:

    I would like the mystery snowman.. Can you tell me more about it? Also the person in Canada had the singing chefs snowman. Do you know where I can get one?

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