Christmas day is for TV

The thing Americans haven’t fully figured out yet is that Christmas is for event television. Growing up in California there was an unquestionable idea that the grown up males in the room would be watching football on holidays. From Christmas day to New Years, Bowl Games were a huge thing. But other than football, Christmas was a wasteland of television. Maybe there was a Twilight Zone Marathon. Or maybe TBS showing A Christmas Story 24 hours for 2 days. That was pretty much it for TV. The last Christmas I spent with my hateful cousins was in 2007. When we got to my elderly Aunt and Uncle’s house in the afternoon, they were watching a marathon of the now debunked Cesar Millan’s terrible show. Later that evening I was so done with LA that I re-booked my flight back to Seattle on my iPhone in the bathroom. 2007 is what I consider the worst Christmas ever. The following year I started with my annual Christmas Eve party and those have been better than great. But what does one do on a hungover Christmas day? For the past few year’s there is nothing better to do than the buffet lunch at the Fall Buffet as Snoqualmie casino. The foodfest is the best but after that for me it is all about TV. And since nothing is good or new is on American TV, it is all about the Brits.

First up was the Doctor Who Christmas special. This one was great although I was sad to see Matt Smith go. And the surprise of bringing back Amy Pond wasn’t fair. I was crying. Like all the Doctor Who Christmas specials, it took place at Christmas with a very snowy Christmasy setting.

downton-abbey-christmas-special-Next up was Downton Abbey. Unlike Doctor Who, this doesn’t air the same day in the US. I’m not waiting until Feb to watch this. It took forever to download. Paul Giamatti was great as Cora’s American brother. I would love to see a spin-off series with him and Shirley MacLaine set in New York and Newport.

Finally I watched the Top Gear Polar Special. It’s not new or a Christmas episode but it seemed like a good choice. It was very funny as they where the first ever to drive to the north pole. In the end it was a great feat to get to the north pole despite being “deeply unfit and mostly drunk”. It was wonderful. Christmas day is for TV.

Downton, Doctor Who, Top Gear

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