Our First Christmas

The best thing about the Hallmark original movie, Our First Christmas is Dixie Carter and John Ratzenberger as the grandparents.  This modern day Brady Bunch is about a blended family with three kids total.  The kids want to spend Christmas the way they always had before their other parent died.  These plans are mutually exclusive so whichever they pick, the other half of the family will be upset.  So the kids try to get the family to split up on Christmas.  In the end, everyone learns a life lesson and has a great Christmas together.


This movie brought back some bad memories.  Back in the 90’s when I was with John, we planned a trip back to California where our families lived.  I told my parents weeks ahead that I would be having Christmas dinner with John’s family.  My mother guilted me into missing out on this to spend the entire holiday with only my side of the family.  I was very resentful at this and stopped coming back to their home for Christmas.  I didn’t visit again until John and I split up.  With my mom not being able to compromise, she missed out on me for Christmas for many, many years.  If John and I had been able to legally marry back then, I don’t think my mother would have considered expecting us to split up on Christmas.

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