Journey Back to Christmas


Hanna is a war widow and nurse in 1945. When the Christmas comet transport her 71 years in the future, she must depend on the sexy cop and his family to try to assimilate to modern times. Just when everyone starts to believe her time traveling tale, she finds a way to get back to the past.

Love interest: Sexy cop
Familiar Face: Candace Cameron Bure from Fuller House and many other Hallmark Christmas movies
Unlikely plot point: She does travel through time, twice. But more unlikely is the comet that shows up every 71 years at Christmas. Comets don’t line up with our calendar
Awkward moment: Anytime the skeptical neighbor pokes her nose in Hanna’s story.
Who is dead: Her husband died at Normandy, or did he?
Romantic ending: She convinces the sexy cop to ask out his partner who is also his sister’s best friend before she returns to 1945. Her husband returns and they are reunited.

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One Response to Journey Back to Christmas

  1. BoltmanOH says:

    is the comet fictional or Non??

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