12th Night Party

For some, Epiphany is the official end of the Christmas season. It marks the day the three wise men visited. Any nativity scene shows you why that is wrong. The bible doesn’t specify this either way. I have some friends that have a 12th Night party occasionally. They had one this year as 12th night was on a Friday. Next year I imagine they will have the party again as it is on a Saturday. I’m not sure if I will go next year.

These guys are some of my oldest friends, going back 20 years. Even though the hosts are a gay couple, I was the only other gay person there. It was just lots of straight couples. I knew many of them so I had a nice time catching up. But I just felt out of place.

Things got really interesting when I ended up in a conversation with someone over reincarnation. I thought the conversation was going nicely. Her arguments were very weak, but I was polite when I knocked them down. I even said if there was any real evidence, I would reconsider my position. My big question she couldn’t answer was when did reincarnation fit into the biological history of Earth: with humans or primates or mammals or multicellular organisms or single cell organisms? Where does it fit in any why? Her response was to say according to me there is no reason to be a good person. I said no such thing. This was both an ad hominem attack and a straw man argument. I told her that was a horrible thing to say and she is a horrible person for saying it and I left. The whole thing left me really shaken. I know there are a lot of people who think others who don’t believe in the same nonsense they do can’t be a good person. I just haven’t encounted one in the wild in a long time.

And the biggest tragedy about this party is I could have gone to the opening of a new gay bar in White Center but I went here instead. At least they had two nice trees to look at. And the food was great.

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