Bad Lip Reading – Christmas is Here

I’m not a huge fan of bad lip reading. But this one is hilarious.

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Bonus Mermen Ornament – Happy New Year

I like his hat and bow tie.

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Sharing Christmas

Stephanie is running her family’s Christmas store after they retired. Michael’s company just bought the building and gives all the stores 30 days to vacate. They fall for each other and he find a real estate trick to keep the shop. He and his dad then invest in the building.

Location: New York City
Love interest: The sexy real estate developer
Familiar Face: I didn’t know any of these nobodies
Unlikely plot point: So much, so so much. First, the parents retire at the start of the season. Then all the real estate and lease stuff was bonkers. Christmas shops can exist, but only in tourist zones like Leavenworth, not the Upper East Side of Manhattan. There was a lot wrong with this script.
Who is dead: His mom
Romantic ending: He saves the shop and they kiss outside.

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Christmas Encore

Charlotte is a struggling actress. Just when she decided to give up acting, she lands the lead in a new production of A Christmas Carol. Then they learn the theater will close after this production so she mounts a campaign to save the theater.

Location: New York City
Love interest: The director who she once auditioned with and he got the role without her
Familiar Face: Maggie Lawson from Psych. In the new Psych movie they even made a joke about it.
Unlikely plot point: The whole saving the theater sub-plot was so unlikely.
Who is dead: Her dad
Romantic ending: After they save the theater, they kiss on the snowy sidewalk outside the theater

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Maynard runs the general store in his hometown of Pottersville. His marriage falls apart when he finds out his wife is a furry. In a drunken rage, he dresses up in a hunting outfit and a gorilla masks and runs through the town. Suddenly, everyone is talking about the Bigfoot in town. A famous Squatch hunter arrives and everyone has Bigfoot fever.

This really wasn’t a Christmas movie exactly. It was very snowy and wintery but Christmas didn’t really play into to it. Pottersville is the name of the town from It’s a Wonderful Life, the alternative timeline. So that’s another Christmas connection.

Location: Pottersville
Love interest: His trusty employee
Familiar Face: All star cast other than the main guy, who I didn’t recognize.
Unlikely plot point: Probably Lieutenant Dangle’s double identity. If you are on a reality show, you should use your own identity.
Who is dead: His parents
Romantic ending: After everything works out, his wife wants him back, but he leaves her for Kitty from Arrested Development.


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Christmas at Holly Lodge

Sophie runs Holly Lodge, a ski in ski out lodge at a unnamed ski area. Evan is sent to acquire the property for his rich boss. Sophie figures this out and tries to make him miserable, only to fall for him. The lodge is also filled with a wonderful cast of characters with their own stories. In the end, Evan finds a real estate trick to help her keep the lodge.

Location: Misc ski resort in the Rocky’s, I think
Love interest: Sexy real estate developer
Familiar Face: Alison Sweeney from Days of our Lives and Sheryl Lee Ralph
Unlikely plot point: The real estate trick to keep the lodge is actually not that ridiculous
Who is dead: Her parents, they died and left her the lodge
Romantic ending: After finding a way to get rid of the mortgage, he asks her to travel with him in the off season and they kiss.

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The Christmas Train

Each year there is one Hallmark movies which is the “Hall of Fame” movie. This year it was The Christmas Train. Dermot McMermott is a cynical journalist taking a train from DC to LA, arriving on Christmas morning. Along the way he meets a diverse cast of characters and get involved in a few adventures and then learns to love again. There was also a big twist at the end which I didn’t see coming

Location: Amtrak train and various stops along the way
Love interest: This one had a male protagonist and love triangle with his current actress girlfriend and a screenwriter on the train
Familiar Face: Lots of stars, Dermot Mulroney, Danny Glover, and Joan Cusack
Unlikely plot point: The snowstorm was really unlikely. Also I’m not sure if the ex-girlfriend was in on the plot twist or not.
Who is dead: Nobody is dead! The only one this season.
Romantic ending: They arrive in LA and kiss as snow falls in LA.

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